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Bloom Beautifully founder Tara Pringle Jefferson admits she has an ulterior motive behind these self-care boxes. "These boxes are the fun, shiny thing that opens the door to conversations about self-care," she says. "Once you get in the habit of talking about pampering yourself with luxe body butters and face masks, it's easier to talk about the harder stuff." 

Jefferson created the Bloom Beautifully box in 2016 to give women permission to care for themselves and to support the growing number of woman-owned businesses she saw in her different entrepreneur circles. 

A voice of authority on themes surrounding self-care, women’s empowerment, and digital entrepreneurship, Jefferson regularly speaks at national conferences and events on these topics. She runs a private coaching group, the Self-Care Suite, now more than 600 members strong. In the group, she challenges women to not only take inventory of their lives, but to make long-lasting, sustainable changes, with the support of the larger community behind them. 

"I wake up every day and think about ways I can use my skills to help women flourish in their daily lives," Jefferson says. "It's a blessing." 

Meet Our Team

Tara Pringle Jefferson

Founder + Chief Curator

Thomas Jefferson

Logistics Coordinator

Da'Shika Street

Social Media Manager

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